Papers Presented


Plenary 1:

Making Supervision Part of the Professional Culture
Challenges in Malaysia:
Prof Dr. Ismail Baba
Amy Bala

Practice Overseas
Assoc Prof Phyllis Chee | Purpose and Methods of Supervision
Assoc Prof Jennifer Martin | Supervision and Continuing Professional Development

Concurrent Workshops 1

Interactive Workshop
1. Values: The Teaching and Practice | Chair: AP Dr Ling How Kee
Elsie Lee | Reflective Practice in Social Work
Faizah Mas’ud | Self -Reflection as a Tool in Teaching Family and Child Welfare
Fiona Oswin | What My Silent Voice Says
Mohd Taufik & Azlinda | Practices in Juvenile Rehabilitation Centers

2. Marginalised Communities Discrimination & Human Rights | Chair: Prof. Dr Ismail Baba
Denison Jayasooria | Enhancing the Community Work Dimension of Social Work
Siti Hajar | The Struggle for Social inclusion
Rahman Saili | Working with Plantation Estate Communities
Shahrul Asyikin | Stigma & Discrimination
Azlini Chik | Care and Protection for Children

3. Developing a Mentoring Culture | Chair: Teoh Ai Hua
Syarif Muhidin et al | Enhancing the Competency of Social Work Students
Chan Soak Fong | Mentoring Program in Dept Social Welfare
Azlin Hilma Hilaluddin | Utilizing Problem Based Learning in Classrooms

Skill Building Workshop
The Supervision Process | Assof Prof Dr Jenny Martin




Plenary 2

Pauline Meemeduma | Expectations of The New Act
Norani Mohd Hashim | Overcoming Constraints
Siti Hawa Ali | Improving Assessment Skills Malaysian Context

Concurrent Workshops 2

Interactive Workshop
1. Recognising the Need for Competency and Continued Professional Development | Chair: Siti Hawa Ali
Dolly Paul et al | Challenges and Issues of the Current Assessment Practices of the Local Practitioners
Shoba Aiyah | Developing Competencies in Working with Survivors of Abuse
Jamayah Saili et al | Working with Married Couples: Challenges and Issues for Helpers

2. Health Issues | Chair: Doreen Edward
Naomi Masilamany | Dealing with Multi-Faceted Issues: A Medical Social Work Perspective
Cindy Davis | Improving Health Literacy
Jennifer Martin | Supervision Experiences of Accredited Mental Health Social Workers in Australia
Prashant Talwar | An Approach to Developing Social Work Competencies in Mental Health Setting

3. Social Policy & Law | Chair: Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria
Lawrence Hee | Dilemmas in Social Policy
Gill Raja | Social Work and Social Policy
Kamsiah Ali | Social Work and Criminology

4. Coordinating & Structuring Placements | Chair: Dr Azlinda Azman
Bala Raju | Turning Challenges into Opportunities
Teoh Ai Hua | Students Placement and Supervision
Gill Raja & Tan Boon Seng | Fieldwork During a Teaching Semester Benefits and Drawbacks

Skill Building Workshop
Phyllis Chee | Supervising in multicultural setting

Concurrent Workshops 3

1. Developing Competencies for Multicultural Practice | AP Dr Ling How Kee

2. Evidence Based Practice- Elders in Contrasting Settings | Chair: AP Dr Jenny Martin
Cindy Davis | Teaching Evidence based Practice Interventions on Treating Depression with Older Adults
Normala Riza | Contributing Factors of Depression Among the Elderly

3. Tasks for Different levels of Students/Staff | Chair: Amy Bala
Zarina Mat Saad | Selection of Students
Tan Boon Seng | Friend or Foe
Muhammad Fadhil Nurdin et al | Social Work Competencies At Masters Level
Pauline Meemeduma | Clarifying Competencies

Skill Building Workshop:
Advocacy and Assertiveness  | Siti Hawa Ali

Plenary Session 3 | Chair: Gill Raja